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By Application Admin Posted 4/18/2017 5:11:29 PM
So you eat healthy? Did you know that you would need to consume about 3000 calories -of a variety of foods- to meet your RDA requirements? (Note: There are about 114 Nutrients needed per day) The average woman consume 1200 calories, while the average man consumes 1600.

Did you know that itself Oatmeal provides 15% of the recommended daily amount of Thiamine (B-Vitamin), 3.5% of Folate (B-Vitamin) -necessary for #Red blood cell production, and Selenium 23%.
By itself ??? Egg provides some of the same B vitamins provided by Oatmeal + #Biotin .. Omega-3s .. Selenium .. Vitamin D and A .. very small percentages of your daily requirements.
Wheat toast has some of the same vitamins that you'll find in Oatmeal.
This chicken sausage has 2% of Vitamin C, and 4% Iron needed in your daily diet.

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