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"If you want a super friendly trainer who is focused on your objectives, your capabilities and your schedule, Craig Thomas is a perfect fit. Craig doesn’t treat his clients with a “one-size-fits-all” approach. He will listen to you and lead you through training sessions that achieve your goals – whether it is weight loss, muscle tone, athletic competition or most importantly healthy living. In addition, Craig is a healer, with an amazing knowledge of how the human body is interconnected. Through years of education and hands on experience, Craig is nearly magical in his ability to fix muscular-skeletal problems. For 15 years he and I have been a team, and I know of many, many other loyal clients who have been with him for years and who feel the same way I do."
Mark H. Harnett, Sard Verbinnen & Co

"I have worked with trainers all over the country. Craig is the most knowledgeable, and certainly the most patient, trainer I have worked with. He knows the body and he gets results."
Mark Mendelson, President (retired/former), Li and Fung USA


“Craig is possibly one of the most caring trainers I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting. He was forever having to adapt my training to aid whatever goal I was striving for including the NYC marathon—and was executing it beautifully. Knowledge and care is on the forefront of his mind. Brilliant training and brilliant man.”
Cynthia Erivo, Tony and Grammy winning actress and singer/songwriter

“Craig applies his extensive knowledge of muscle and joint anatomy and physiology to tailor his training to your specific needs. He is essentially a trainer and physical therapist rolled into one. I highly recommend him.”
Robert Press, Senior Vice President and Vice Dean, NYU Langone Medical Center

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